qmgr_ctrl_struct Struct Reference

Base class for feedback controllers. More...

#include <qmgr_base.h>

Data Fields

qos_rv(* finalize )(struct qmgr_ctrl_struct *ctrl)
 The virtual destructor.
qos_bw_t(* fb_func )(struct qmgr_ctrl_struct *ctrl, qres_time_t sched_err)
 The feedback function.
enum qmgr_ctrl_type type
qres_time_t old_sched_err
 Real sched error of last job.
qres_time_t old_eps
 Virtual sched error of last job.
qres_time_t period
 Task period.
qos_bw_t max_bandwidth
 Maximum assigned bandwidth.
qos_bw_t min_bandwidth
 Minimum guaranteed bandwidth.
qres_time_t server_period
 RRES server period.
 Reference to predictor object.
qmgr_time_t time
 Used for computing the sched error.
qres_time_t job_exec_time
 Used when no predictor specified.
struct timespec deadline
 Deadline set via begin_cycle().

Detailed Description

Base class for feedback controllers.

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