qmgr_pred_struct Struct Reference

Base struct for statistics-based predictors. More...

#include <qmgr_base.h>

Data Fields

qos_rv(* finalize )(struct qmgr_pred_struct *pred)
 The virtual destructor.
qos_rv(* add_sample )(struct qmgr_pred_struct *pred, qres_time_t last_sample)
 Add a sample to predictor statistics.
qos_rv(* skip_sample )(struct qmgr_pred_struct *pred)
 Tell predictor to skip a sample.
qres_time_t(* get_exp_value )(struct qmgr_pred_struct *pred)
void(* get_exp_range )(struct qmgr_pred_struct *pred, qres_time_t *min, qres_time_t *max)
qres_time_t(* get_std_dev )(struct qmgr_pred_struct *pred)
qres_time_t(* get_pos_dev )(struct qmgr_pred_struct *pred)
qres_time_t(* get_neg_dev )(struct qmgr_pred_struct *pred)
enum qmgr_pred_type type

Detailed Description

Base struct for statistics-based predictors.

Predictors must provide at least the add_sample and one of the statistics based functions. Each controller may need a different set of statistics, and is supposed to check that the corresponding functions are provided (i.e. non-zero function pointers) during controller initialization.

Definition at line 45 of file qmgr_base.h.

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