movavg.h File Reference

Private interface for the Moving Average predictor. More...

#include <linux/aquosa/qmgr_base.h>
#include <linux/aquosa/qos_queue.h>

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Data Structures

struct  movavg_params_struct
 Parameters for movavg predictor. More...
struct  movavg_struct
 Moving Average predictor class definition. More...


#define MAX_FORGET_F   32768
 Value of forget_f corresponding to 1.0.
#define MAX_FORGET_F_BITS   15
 Value of forget_f corresponding to 1.0 (log_2).


typedef struct movavg_params_struct movavg_params_t
 Parameters for movavg predictor.
typedef struct movavg_struct movavg_t
 Moving Average predictor class definition.


qos_rv movavg_register (void)
 Register the Moving Average class with the framework.
qos_rv movavg_init (void *self, void *params)
 Initialize a movavg object.
qos_rv movavg_final (qmgr_pred_t *self)
 Virtual destructor for a movavg object.
qos_rv movavg_add_sample (qmgr_pred_t *pred, qres_time_t new_sample)
 Virtual add_sample function for movavg object.
qres_time_t movavg_get_exp_value (qmgr_pred_t *pred)
qos_rv movavg_add_sample_ff (qmgr_pred_t *pred, qres_time_t new_sample)
qres_time_t movavg_get_exp_value_ff (qmgr_pred_t *pred)

Detailed Description

Private interface for the Moving Average predictor.

Definition in file movavg.h.

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