Invariant based (IB) controller

Data Structures

struct  invariant_params_struct
 IB controller parameters specification. More...
struct  invariant_struct


file  invariant.h

Private Interface for the Invariant Based (IB) Controller.

file  invariant_lib.h

Public Interface for the Invariant based controller.


typedef struct
 IB controller parameters specification.
typedef struct invariant_struct invariant_t


qos_rv invariant_register (void)
 Register the SDB class with the framework.
qos_rv invariant_init (void *self, void *self_params)
 Initialize an IB controller.
qos_rv invariant_final (qmgr_ctrl_t *ctrl)
 Virtual destructor.
qos_bw_t invariant_fb_func (qmgr_ctrl_t *ctrl, qres_time_t sched_err)
 The Invariant feedback-based control function.
qos_rv invariant_set_defaults ()
 Configures an IB controller with default parameters.

Function Documentation

qos_rv invariant_init ( void *  self,
void *  self_params 

Initialize an IB controller.

qos_rv invariant_set_defaults (  ) 

Configures an IB controller with default parameters.

Tells to the QoS library to use an IB controller with a default set of parameters.

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