rres_utils.h File Reference

Utility functions, like list handling. More...

#include <linux/list.h>
#include "rres_config.h"

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#define INIT_LIST_HEAD_NULL(ptr)   do { (ptr)->prev = NULL; (ptr)->next = NULL; } while (0)
#define list_add_ordered(head, obj_type, obj, list_field, ord_field, ret)
 add an object in an ordered list insert in the (head) list the (obj) of type (obj_type), ordered in increasing order by field (ord_field) of (obj) example list_add_ordered (ready_list, server_t, srv, rq_ph, deadline, ret) NOTE: in the parameters description "" are used for argument that are name and not variables.


static void list_del_null (struct list_head *entry)
 Remove from list and set to NULL pointers that point to next and previous objects.

Detailed Description

Utility functions, like list handling.

Definition in file rres_utils.h.

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