rres_server.h File Reference

Internal resource reservation header file. More...

#include "rres_config.h"
#include "qos_debug.h"
#include "qos_types.h"
#include "qos_list.h"
#include "kal_timer.h"
#include "kal_sched.h"

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Data Structures

struct  server_t
 RRES server main structure. More...
struct  server_t::rres_stat
struct  task_list
 Used to queue a task as either active or blocked within a server. More...


#define U_LUB2   (U_LUB+r2bw_c(1,100))
 This adds a tolerance to U_LUB as defined for QRES/QSUP, so to avoid that RRESMOD notifies a system overload when QRES/QSUP do not.


typedef struct server_t server_t


qos_rv rres_cleanup_server (server_t *rres)
 Cleanup the specified server, which must already be empty.
static void rres_set_weight (server_t *srv, unsigned int weight)
 Set the user-supplied server weight, that may be used by some scheduling policies (i.e., shrub).
static unsigned int rres_get_weight (server_t *srv)


qos_bw_t U_tot
 Total allocated bandwidth.

Detailed Description

Internal resource reservation header file.

Exports resource reservation function to other files in rres component

Definition in file rres_server.h.

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