rres_kpi_protected.h File Reference

RRES Module protected interface header. More...

#include <linux/aquosa/qos_debug.h>
#include <linux/aquosa/rres_server.h>

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qos_rv _rres_cleanup_server (server_t *srv)
 Non-virtual server destructor.
qos_bw_t _rres_get_bandwidth (server_t *srv)
 Non-virtual bandwidth retrieval function.
int rres_has_ready_tasks (server_t *srv)
static qos_bw_t rres_get_bandwidth (server_t *srv)
 Return the approved bandwidth for the server.
static qos_bw_t rres_set_current_bandwidth (server_t *srv, qos_bw_t U_approved)
 This function sets the current bandwidth U_current as specified in the supplied parameter, updating the global variables U_tot and U_active_tot.
static qos_bw_t rres_update_current_bandwidth (server_t *srv)
static qos_bw_t rres_get_current_bandwidth (server_t *srv)
 Return the current bandwidth allocated to the server.

Detailed Description

RRES Module protected interface header.

The functions exported through this header file are equivalent to C++ "protected" methods, which are expected to be used directly by methods of a subclass which override them, in place of the public calls, which, by realizing a virtual call, would result in a recursive activation of the overridden version of the function.

Definition in file rres_kpi_protected.h.

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