rres_kpi_core.h File Reference

RRES Module main interface header. More...

#include "rres_config.h"
#include "rres_server.h"
#include "qos_types.h"
#include "kal_sched.h"

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Data Structures

struct  server_params_t


#define QOS_F_DEFAULT   0x00000001
 The server to create is the default one.
#define QOS_F_SOFT   0x00000002
 Server tasks are scheduled within the reservation, and also by Linux outside.


typedef struct server_params_t server_params_t


static server_trres_find_by_task (struct task_struct *task)
 Return the pointer to the server the task belong to.
qos_rv rres_init_server (server_t *p_server, server_params_t *p_params)
 Initialize an already allocated server_t (or derived class).
qos_rv rres_cleanup_server (server_t *rres)
 Cleanup the specified server, which must already be empty.
qos_rv rres_attach_task (server_t *srv, struct task_struct *task)
 Attach a task to an existing (possibly empty) server.
qos_rv rres_detach_task (server_t *srv, struct task_struct *task)
 Detach specified task from its own RRES server.
qos_rv rres_get_params (server_t *p_server, server_params_t *p_params)
 Get RRES scheduling params.
qos_rv rres_set_params (server_t *p_server, server_params_t *p_params)
 Set RRES scheduling params.
qres_time_t rres_get_exec_time (server_t *rres)
 Get execution time since server creation (clocks).
server_trres_get_default_server (void)
 Get pointer to default server.
int rres_has_server (struct task_struct *t)
 returns true if the task is served by any server
int rres_empty (server_t *srv)
 return true if the server has no task to serve

Detailed Description

RRES Module main interface header.

All KPI calls are synchronized and SMP-safe among each other.
(high) TOMMASO distinguish synchronized and not synchronized functions

Definition in file rres_kpi_core.h.

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