rres.h File Reference

Internal resource reservation header file. More...

#include "rres_config.h"
#include "rres_interface.h"
#include "qos_types.h"
#include "qos_memory.h"
#include "qos_list.h"
#include <linux/aquosa/kal_generic.h>
#include <linux/aquosa/rres_time.h>

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#define for_each_srv(srv, head, list_field, pos)
 Macro used by for_each_*_server to iterate over a server list.
#define for_each_srv_safe(srv, head, list_field, pos, postmp)
 Macro used against removal risks to iterate over the server list.
#define for_each_server(srv, pos)   for_each_srv((srv), &server_list, slist, (pos))
 Iterate over all servers in the system.
#define for_each_server_safe(srv, pos, tmppos)   for_each_srv_safe((srv), &server_list, slist, (pos), (tmppos))
 Iterate over all servers in the system - safe against removal.
#define get_task_entry(h)   list_entry((h), struct task_list, others)
 Return the ponter to task_list referred by (h).
#define for_each_ready_task_in_server(__srv, t, pos)
 Loop on all tasks in a server (do not modify the list).
#define for_each_blocked_task_in_server(__srv, t, pos)
#define for_each_ready_task_in_server_safe(__srv, t, __pos, __tmp)
 Loop on all tasks in a server.
#define for_each_blocked_task_in_server_safe(__srv, t, __pos, __tmp)


qos_rv rres_init (void)
 Initialise server lists, timers, and algorithm related data, then call rres_schedule().
qos_rv rres_cleanup (void)
 Destroy all servers in the system.
qos_rv rres_cleanup_default_server_nosched (server_t *srv)
 Detach all the tasks served by the default server and cleanup the server.
qos_rv rres_detach_task_nosched (server_t *srv, struct task_struct *task)
qos_rv rres_move_nosched (server_t *new_srv, struct task_struct *task)
 Move into the specified server the specified task.
void rres_schedule (void)
 Activate the server due to a new job arrival or add a pending request of activation if already active.
void recharge (server_t *srv)
 Recharge the budget and update the deadline to the old value plus the server period.
void recharge_reset_from_now (server_t *srv)
 recharge the budget and set the deadline to the actual time plus the server period
qos_rv rres_on_task_block (struct task_struct *task)
qos_rv rres_on_task_unblock (struct task_struct *task)
static qos_bool_t is_in_default_server (struct task_struct *t)
 Check if the task is served by the default server.
static qos_bool_t is_default_server (server_t *srv)
 It returns true if the server is the default server.
void rres_stop (server_t *srv)
 Stop all tasks handled by the server.
void rres_dispatch (server_t *srv)
 Dispatch (force scheduling) of all tasks handled by the server.
void stop_task_safe (server_t *srv, struct task_struct *task)
void dispatch_task_safe (server_t *srv, struct task_struct *task)


spinlock_t generic_scheduler_lock __cacheline_aligned
 used for spinlock on hook handlers and timer handler
struct list_head server_list
 list of the servers
kal_time_t last_update_time
 time of last budget updating

Detailed Description

Internal resource reservation header file.

Exports resource reservation function to other files in rres component

Definition in file rres.h.

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