qsup_lib.h File Reference

The QoS Supervisor Application Programming Interface. More...

#include <linux/aquosa/qsup_gw.h>

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qos_rv qsup_init ()
 Initialize the QSUP subsystem just after module load into the kernel.
qos_rv qsup_cleanup ()
 Cleanup the QSUP subsystem before unloading the module from kernel.
qos_rv qsup_add_level_rule (int level_id, qos_bw_t max_level_bw)
 Add a level max bw constraint to the identified level.
qos_rv qsup_add_group_rule (int group_id, qsup_constraints_t *rule)
 Add a group constraint for the specified group.
qos_rv qsup_add_user_rule (int user_id, qsup_constraints_t *rule)
 Add a user constraint for the specified user.
qos_rv qsup_reserve_spare (qos_bw_t spare_bw)
 Set the bandwidth that is considered as spare by the system for adaptive reservation purposes.
qos_rv qsup_get_available_bandwidth (int uid, int gid, qos_bw_t *bw)
 Retrieve total available bandwidth for the specified user and group, after both the minimum values of existing contracts, and the reserved spare bandwidth.

Detailed Description

The QoS Supervisor Application Programming Interface.

Definition in file qsup_lib.h.

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