"Adaptive Quality of Service Architecture"
(for the Linux kernel)

Build requirements

In order to compile AQuoSA, you need:

  • GNU Make 3.81, available on most Linux distributions, or directly from the GNU ftp site
  • The Linux kernel sources, available from http://www.kernel.org. The new IRMOS SMP scheduler requires kernel, whilst the old AQuoSA scheduler supports a variety of versions ranging from 2.6.2x to 2.6.34.
  • For the new IRMOS SMP scheduler, the -irmos kernel patch. For the old AQuoSA scheduler, the Generic Scheduler Patch (GSP) to the Linux kernel. Both are available from the kernel-patches package of the AQuoSA downloads page
  • GCC version 2.95, 3.x or 4.0.x

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Last update:
August 4, 2010