rres_ready_queue_list.h File Reference

List-based implementation of an edf queue. More...

#include "rres_config.h"
#include "kal_timer.h"
#include "qos_types.h"
#include "qos_func.h"
#include "qos_list.h"
#include "rres_server.h"

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#define rq_placeholder_init(p_list_head)   INIT_LIST_HEAD_NULL(p_list_head)
 Inititalize a ready queue placeholder as invalid (item not enqueued).
#define for_each_ready_server(srv, pos)   for_each_srv((srv), &ready_queue, rq_ph, (pos))
 iterate over ready server list


typedef struct list_head rq_placeholder_t
 Ready queue placeholder, useful for being embedded within an enqueued item for subsequenct extraction.


static server_tget_highest_priority_server (void)
 return a pointer to the highest priority server (the first of EDF queue)
static int ready_queue_empty (void)
 return true if the ready queue is empty (no ready server in the system)
static int srv_alone (server_t *srv)
 return true if the server is the only ready server in the system
static int in_ready_queue (server_t *srv)
 return true if the server is in ready queue
static void ready_queue_remove (server_t *srv)
 Remove the server from ready queue.
static qos_rv rres_edf_init (void)
static void rres_edf_cleanup (void)
static qos_rv ready_queue_add (server_t *srv)
 Add the server to ready queue, ordered by deadline (EDF).


struct list_head ready_queue
 List of ready servers, min-ordered by abs deadline.

Detailed Description

List-based implementation of an edf queue.

Definition in file rres_ready_queue_list.h.

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