rres_dispatch.h File Reference

#include "rres_config.h"
#include "kal_sched.h"

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#define qos_log_state(__t)   qos_log_debug("(%d), state: %ld, prio: %d", (__t)->pid, (__t)->state, (int)(__t)->rt_priority)
 print the state of the task
#define qos_log_state_simple(__t)   qos_log_simple(QOS_DEBUG_LEVEL, "(%d),s:%ld, p:%d", (__t)->pid, (__t)->state, (int)(__t)->rt_priority)
 print the state of the task (without any other debug info)


static void kal_force_reschedule (void)
int task_ready (struct task_struct *task)
 return true if task is ready to run (task's state = TASK_RUNNING in Linux)
void rres_init_sched_param (struct task_struct *task)
void rres_task_sched_default (struct task_struct *task)
void stop_task (struct task_struct *t)
 Make a task not schedulable by Linux scheduler.
void dispatch_task (struct task_struct *t)
 Force Linux to schedule this task (or one of the task of the same server).
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